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Seattle GreenCross was started with great effort in 1993 by the grande dame of medical cannabis in Washington State, Joanna McKee. If your looking for a Medical Marijuana Doctor, please call: 206-533-9420

The Washington State Liquor Control Board is attempting to bypass the will of the voters. They are drafting changes to the law that would remove many of our rights! No home growing. No collective gardens. A state registry. 84.5% tax, and many other changes. Please visit the fundraising page hosted by AHTHC. IndieGoGo - Save MMJ. They are going to be hiring a lawyer to lobby against these changes. Any help is much appreciated!

Alternative Health Treatment & Healing Center is a compassionate group that is dedicated to providing healthier options for residents of Washington State. They offer low income assistance to those who qualify, 100% medically defensable authorizations, and a knowledgable, friendly staff. The doctors at Alt Health THC stand behind every patient they authorize and will go to court to defend the authenticity of your authorization.


Washington State medical marijuana, seattle medical marijuana, doctor referals, marijuana prescriptions, medical marijuana Washington


If your looking for a Medical Marijuana Doctor, please call: 206-533-9420

These networks are here to help the community. They have programs to help low-income patients.

Washington State medical marijuana, seattle medical marijuana, doctor referals, marijuana prescriptions, medical marijuana Washington

Emerald Gardens


Free Meds to new patients

Open from 11:00 to 7:00

Open 7 days a week

Call 206-533-2053

16053 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA 98133




Seattle green cross medical marijuana



Green Cross Patient Co-op of Seattle is open to Washington State residents that present a bona fide need for medicinal marijuana on the advice of their physician or other health care professionals.


Initiative 692, passed overwhelmingly by the people of Washington State in November of 1998, allowing some individuals to legally possess and grow marijuana. Read more about I-692


The American Civil Liberties Union of Washington ACLU of Washington provides several drug war resources on their web site. Produced by Washington Citizens for Medical Rights on June 1st, 1999.




Please contact one of the above organizations. You MUST be a resident of Washington State. You must provide proof of Washington State residency; which is defined by the law as a current and valid Washington State Drivers License or Picture I. D. There is no fee for membership.


You will need one form from our web site: the Documentation of Medical Authorization. PRINT it out on tamper-proof paper. Provide your doctor with the Documentation of Medical Authorization to sign.


After your Doctor signs the Authorization form, you keep the original; the doctor puts a copy in your Medical file. Please request that the nurse or office staff FAX a copy of your form with a FAX cover sheet including your phone number, the doctor’s name, address, phone & FAX numbers. This is to verify the signature's authenticity. Upon receipt of these forms, you will be called to make an appointment. Alternatively, you may bring the authorization to us by hand. We will contact your doctor at that time.



How can one find a "marijuana-friendly" doctor?

Alternative Health Treatment & Healing Center 206-533-9420


Their is no list of "medicinal marijuana" doctors maintained. The protections of the Medical Marijuana Act are meant to be applied to the relationship a patient already has with their current physician. The best place for a patient to start is to have an honest discussion with their own doctor. If that doesn't work try the Alt Health THC web site. Resources and reports about MMJ  in Washington State: AHTHC



Federal laws against marijuana—what a patient should know about their doctor’s legal risk.


After a similar measure passed in California, federal officials reminded physicians that it is illegal to prescribe marijuana. They have threatened California physicians with revocation of their federally issued license to prescribe drugs, cutoff from eligibility for the Medicare and Medicaid programs, and even criminal prosecution. Out of fear, many doctors have become reluctant to discuss medical marijuana at all. However, a lawsuit filed against the federal government by several California physicians and some patients and organizations has succeeded in eliminating most of the risk for physicians who recommend medical marijuana for the time being.


On April 30, 1997, Federal Judge Fern Smith issued a preliminary injunction in the case, Conant vs. McCaffrey, preventing the threatened punishments while the case proceeds to trial. Judge Smith’s injunction has a couple of important qualifiers: 1) The protection from federal penalties applies only to physicians treating patients with cancer, glaucoma, HIV disease, and/or “seizures or muscle spasms associated with a chronic, debilitating condition”’ and 2) The protection has a limit—doctors may not get involved directly in helping a patient to acquire marijuana. Judge Smith defined this limit as “criminal conduct” under federal law, meaning “aiding and abetting or conspiracy” to violate federal drug laws.


Because of the risks a doctor faces if he or she helps a patient obtain marijuana, patients should not ask their doctors to suggest a place or person from whom to obtain marijuana—obtaining it is the sole responsibility of the patient.

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